NC Concealed Carry Handgun Instruction and FFL Transfers

     I established my business in 2010 after seeing what I thought was an opportunity for me to use my passion and skill for both firearm safety and personal protection to bolster the number of legally armed citizens in the surrounding counties.

     Small business ownership had interested me previously and I felt specializing in Concealed Carry Handgun training was a worthy endeavor. To date, I have certified just over 850 students through my classes.  I am certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA) as a Range Safety Officer and Pistol Instructor, and I am a member of the North Carolina Chapter of the National Rifle Association.  

     I obtained my Federal Firearms License (FFL) to offer students of my concealed carry courses an additional service. My vision was for students who¬†were new to handguns and either didn't own one already or wanted to purchase a more "carry friendly" handgun an opportunity to include this service with the class. I use the FFL for both students in my classes as well as for general transfers here at work, advertised on our unofficial bulletin board.

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