NC Concealed Carry Handgun Instruction and FFL Transfers

     The classroom portion will be conducted in the Clubhouse of the Moore County Wildlife & Conservation Club. The Clubhouse has modern restroom, classroom, and kitchen (refrigerator/coffee machine/microwave) facilities. Please be sure to bring any food, snacks, or drinks you will need throughout the day because we will not take a lunch break, you may; however, feel free to eat during our periodic breaks or during instruction. The class will consist of 8-hours of instruction and will start promptly at 0730, followed by a live-fire qualification. Range qualification will consist of 30 rounds fired at a silhouette style target with an eight inch paper plate for a point to aim at. The state of North Carolina requires ten shots each from the 3, 5, and 7 yard lines; we will shoot to that requirement. Prior to shooting, I will administer a test on the subjects covered throughout the day.

     We will have a variety of experience represented in our class participants and I want to stress to everyone my commitment to making sure each person is fully knowledgeable about all laws and handgun safety. I cannot and will not cheat one person's training in order to get another student through faster, WE MUST HAVE 8 HOURS OF INSTRUCTION.

     Feel free to ask any and all questions either before, during, or even after class. If a scenario or question comes up after we have concluded the class, I remain available to anyone who needs assistance. Please use the “contact me” option on this website.

Class Information

Students need to bring the following:

  • Lunch/Drinks/Snacks
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Paper to take notes on (The Books are NOT to be written in)
  • Handgun in a case (unless renting one of mine)
  • At least 30 rounds of Ammo (If bringing your own handgun)
  • Eye and Ear Protection (I have yellow foam ear-plugs)

Cost of the Class

Directions to the Class

The Moore County Wildlife and Conservation Club is a private club for members and their guests. The address is: 1820 Camp Easter Road, Carthage, NC 28337 (see attached map). Upon entering the grounds, proceed through the gate and take a left into the parking lot. You will see a large building to your left, this is our classroom location. There is ample parking adjacent to the building.

Payment will be made the day of class:

o     Cash/Check = $75.00

o     Debit/Credit Card = $77.25

Handgun Rental:

If a student does not have their own firearm, you may rent one of mine. I have a very accurate Ruger Mark III Hunter in .22LR that has virtually no felt recoil when fired. The firearm and ammo for this handgun is only $40.00. For anyone wishing to rent a larger caliber pistol, plan on paying more (bigger/less popular calibers are more expensive).

CCW Class Registration

This is the Link for Class Registration